Personal Picture

I'm a software engineer and a mathematician.
I work as Junior Game Engine Programmer at Crytek. In March 2022, I obtained my Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Münster, where I did research in topology.

You can find my latest coding projects below.
I'm interested in computer graphics, game development, functional programming and low level stuff (I love peeking inside black boxes to understand how they work).

I'm also into music, gaming, cinema and visual arts.


A ray tracing renderer built from scratch in C++, aimed at rendering static glTF 2.0 scenes. The rendering algorithm is based on Monte Carlo path tracing and can currently handle arbitrary triangle meshes and several non-textured physically based reflective materials.

Ultimate tick-Hask-toe

An AI engine for a highly branched variant of tic-tac-toe called "ultimate tic-tac-toe" (Wikipedia page), written in Haskell, with a minimalistic CLI to play against it. The AI is implemented using a reinforcement learning algorithm, Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS).


A paper where I extended to the homotopy coherent setting a classical result in commutative algebra and used it to define a homotopy coherent notion of logarithmic derivative.
Preprint (submitted).

A paper where I analyzed in depth the homotopy coherent analogue of the ordinary notion of (co)chain complex. The main results give comparisons with the notion of filtered objects in the stable case, and a deformation-theoretic characterization (depending on a result of Achim Krause) in terms of vanishing of higher Toda brackets. I also discuss a bunch of nice relations with other homotopy-theoretic objects.
Preprint (submitted).